Like it? Buy it.

Now you can purchase and download your favorite music on DI.FM.

About track purchasing

Purchase-icon DI.FM now offers you another way to experience the electronic music you love. Build your collection with the click of a button as you listen with our new option to buy tracks. It’s simple, seamless, and lets you make that track yours to download and hear whenever you want.

The new option to buy tracks from DI.FM is available to any listener in the United States or the Netherlands, both Free and Premium, with a valid payment method on file. We've started by bringing you a large selection of popular tracks available for purchase and will continue adding more into our system in the coming weeks and months.

This is all part of our journey to bring you the best and most complete listening experience for the electronic music we’re all so passionate about.


What is the file format and bitrate of a downloaded file?

320k MP3

How can I pay for the tracks?

We will use your default payment method (Credit Card or PayPal) when you confirm a purchase. If you don't have a Payment Method set yet, you can add one under My Subscriptions tab. All the invoices will be also stored in the same tab.

How long after purchase can the track be downloaded?


Where can I download purchased tracks?

Once you buy a track the download will start automatically. If you wish to download a track again, you can find all you purchased tracks in MY DI.FM section.

Why can't I purchase all tracks?

DI.FM respects the rights of content suppliers, artists, and producers. If they have not given us express permission to sell their content for download, it is not available for you to purchase. Keep checking back as we are continually adding more and more content for purchase and download each day.