DI Radio Unveils Vision for First Electronic Music Platform to Fully Integrate Radio, On-demand and E-commerce

Independent Music Distributors Agree to Groundbreaking Licensing Model, Enabling the First Complete Online Electronic Music Experience

Amsterdam, The Netherlands — Oct. 16, 2014 - Digitally Imported, the premier online radio destination for electronic music fans around the world, today announced plans for the first electronic music platform to fully integrate streaming radio, on-demand features, and retail sales under a single user experience and brand. Digitally Imported also announced that the first nine independent content distributors have signed the electronic music market’s first content licensing agreements to include non-interactive, interactive and master rights to enable complete integration across the three key areas of online music consumption. The announcement was made from the Amsterdam Dance Event conference, where music industry leaders from around the world gathered this week to share the latest news and innovations in electronic and digital music.

Breaking from existing business models for electronic music services, Digitally Imported is developing the first online experience to fully integrate all three major types of digital music consumption within a unified brand. To support this model, Digitally Imported has negotiated the first comprehensive licensing agreements to include all three types of digital music rights: Non-interactive streaming (to allow passive radio listening); interactive streaming (to allow on-demand listening); and master rights (to allow track and album purchases). Independent content providers Believe Digital; dig dis!; digedo (a subsidiary of daredo); FUGA; Groove Attack and Rough Trade Distribution (represented by GoodToGo); Label Worx; Paradise Distribution; and Symphonic Distribution have recently signed comprehensive music licensing agreements with Digitally Imported. Several more content providers are expected to sign similar agreements in the coming weeks.

In today’s electronic music landscape, most services focus one of the three major music delivery methods – streaming, on-demand access, or retail sales. Business models correspond directly to the individual types of music licensing rights each service negotiates with content providers.

By securing comprehensive digital music rights from its content providers, Digitally Imported will be able to fill the demand for an all-inclusive electronic music experience, something which has been unavailable in the market until now. In addition, the new model allows Digitally Imported to capture revenues from subscriptions and download sales within its brand while creating a highly targeted opportunity for advertisers. Among current Digitally Imported subscribers, 90% of monthly subscribers renew their premium subscriptions, 95% tune in at least once a week, and 87% maintain their own music collections.

Digitally Imported Features:

Building on its success in 100% human-curated streaming radio, Digitally Imported will enhance its existing online radio service with on-demand and retail features integrated in an updated web interface and through a complete revamp of its mobile applications. Digitally Imported will begin rolling out integrated features to the public in 2015.

New features include:


  • Persistent audio with uninterrupted playback throughout the platform
  • Advanced programming alerts and notifications for exclusive shows
  • Customized channels and personalized music recommendations
  • Exclusive access to DI Journeys, an original programming series hosted by leading-edge DJs from around the world


  • Skipping, stopping and seeking through tracks
  • Search tools to find tracks, shows, artists, labels or channels
  • Integrated activity feed with listening history, on-demand playback options and ability to purchase favorite tracks
  • Complete view of individual tracks included in DJ mixes, integrated with on-demand playback and purchasing options
  • On-demand access to previously-aired shows and exclusive content
  • Customized playlists with social sharing options


  • Full e-commerce functionality allowing users to download favorite tracks directly from Digitally Imported, using a credit card or DI premium subscription as payment options

“The electronic music market has seen explosive growth recently, but user experience has lagged behind,” said Ari Shohat, CEO of Digitally Imported. “Most electronic music services only provide a fraction of what users are demanding. By rethinking our entire approach to licensing, we are opening up a completely new user experience that transcends historic barriers.”

Digitally Imported is a recognized leader in online radio and electronic music. Unlike other electronic music platforms, Digitally Imported enlists electronic music enthusiasts to curate its vast content catalog. This unique model ensures authenticity, originality and depth for millions of monthly Digitally Imported listeners.

In addition to hosting more than 80 distinct channels, Digitally Imported also streams more original, exclusive and first-to-air mixed shows than any other online music platform. Digitally Imported has received numerous industry awards, including winning first place in the International Dance Music Awards for Best Online Radio, Best Global Radio and Best Music App. The company was also named in the top ten for “Best Overall Online Radio Service” at this year’s RAIN Internet Radio Awards.

About Digitally Imported

Digitally Imported, the premier online radio destination for electronic music fans around the world, is the only electronic music platform to integrate streaming radio, on-demand features and e-commerce on a single platform. Through a vast catalog of 100% human-curated electronic music, Digitally Imported ensures a superior listening experience with authenticity, originality and depth. Founded in 1999, Digitally Imported brings a complete electronic music experience to millions of fans via the Web, mobile applications and third-party streaming partners. For more information, please visit www.di.fm.

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