Digitally Imported Bumps Up Streaming Music Subscription Revenues through Push for Direct User Engagement

User Experience Drives Listener Loyalty and Spending for Electronic Music Radio Pioneer

Denver, CO — March 2, 2016 - Digitally Imported, the premier streaming radio destination for electronic music fans around the world, today announced that its strategy to drive greater direct user engagement has led to a 95% increase in first-time monthly premium subscribers and a 60% increase in first-time annual premium subscribers compared to the same time period one year earlier. In addition to the rise in the overall number of subscriptions, average revenue per paid subscriber is up 10% year over year, and the number of free listeners registered on Digitally Imported has grown by nearly 30% during this time period. These metrics reflect the steady growth of direct user engagement, via both the Web and the company’s mobile apps, on Digitally Imported’s award-winning, 100% human-curated electronic music radio platform.

Over the past year, Digitally Imported has intensified its strategy to steer more listeners to engage directly on its platform, both by offering high-value experiences, and by reducing anonymous access to its content through third-party free streaming services. The shift away from third-party streaming services has encouraged loyal fans of Digitally Imported to access its platform directly via the company’s Web and mobile apps, where users must register in order to access free streaming beyond an initial trial period. Unlike listeners who stream free Digitally Imported content indirectly through third-party services, Digitally Imported registered users benefit from numerous features including personalization options; calendar notifications; the ability to follow artists and subscribe to shows; liking/disliking content; sharing tools; and more. The evolution of these features is largely user-driven, often based on specific listener feedback.

“At Digitally Imported, our underlying mission has always been to provide superior listening experiences for electronic music fans worldwide,” said Ari Shohat, CEO of Digitally Imported. “By addressing and exceeding our listeners’ expectations around user experience, we are being rewarded with stronger user engagement, which is the linchpin in the long-term viability of our business.”

In order to maintain a financially viable digital music service, Digitally Imported is actively driving its free streaming audience to register with the service. Once free streaming listeners register with Digitally Imported, the company can use email, apps and integrated tools to market to, strengthen brand awareness among, and directly monetize users. This model enables high-value, targeted advertising with far greater revenue potential than is currently possible via anonymous listening or third-party arrangements.

Free listeners who are registered directly on the Digitally Imported platform can also be more effectively converted to paid subscribers. While access to Digitally Imported’s premium service offering is still available via premium-level service tiers on some third-party platforms, Digitally Imported can monetize premium listeners more effectively through direct subscriptions than through revenue splitting deals with online music partners.

Along with maximizing user experience for its free streaming listenership, Digitally Imported continues to enhance the value of its premium service offering, which features 91 distinct channels of 100% human-curated electronic music radio, along with on-demand access to thousands of DJ mixes, shows, and exclusive DI Radio content. Digitally Imported plans to roll out expanded e-commerce and track purchasing features in the coming months, creating the most complete electronic music listening experience in the industry, and contributing to high loyalty among premium subscribers; 85% of monthly subscribers renew their subscriptions, 73% of annual subscribers renew their subscriptions, and 95% of premium subscribers tune in at least once a week.

Digitally Imported is a recognized leader in streaming radio and electronic music. Unlike other online music services, Digitally Imported enlists electronic music enthusiasts to curate 100% of its vast content catalog – ensuring authenticity, originality and depth for millions of monthly listeners. In addition, Digitally Imported streams more original, exclusive and first-to-air mixed shows than any other online music platform.

ABOUT DIGITALLY IMPORTED: Digitally Imported, the premier online radio destination for electronic music fans around the world, is the only electronic music platform to integrate streaming radio, on-demand features and e-commerce on a single platform. With 91 distinct channels of 100% human-curated electronic music, Digitally Imported ensures a superior listening experience with authenticity, originality and depth. Digitally Imported has received numerous industry awards, including winning first place in the International Dance Music Awards for Best Online Radio, Best Global Radio and Best Music App. Founded in 1999, Digitally Imported brings a complete electronic music experience to millions of fans worldwide. For more information, please visit