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Higher Quality Audio

Premium subscribers enjoy audio quality that is twice as good as the free options. Premium lets you choose between 320k MP3 and 128k AAC options. Compare the sound quality of our Free (64k AAC) and Premium (320k MP3) streams to hear the difference for yourself.


Absolutely No Advertisements!

Keep your groove going with no commercial interruptions and enjoy all of your favorite channels without hearing or seeing advertisements.


Play Your Favorite Shows On Demand

Search, explore, and stream content on demand whenever you want to hear it! Miss the beginning of your favorite show? With DI Premium, simply click play to listen from the beginning.


Longer continuous streaming without interruptions

Premium subscribers stream music for longer without interruptions. Listening while away from your desk for a few hours? No problem!

What our premium members are saying

  • I love how much music I discovered in the past 3 or 4 years of being a DI Premium user. On normal radio stations you end up hearing the same popular songs over and over again, but not on DI. Also I love how much DI supports the scene by sponsoring DJ sets and supporting underground artists and songs.

    Fabian E. (Lünen, Germany)
  • The seemingly never-ending exquisite chillout selection played on DI is just mesmerizing, especially without the commercials. I never imagined so much quality continuously and that truly shocks me. DI is absolutely the best!

    Gabriel P. (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • DI is the only radio station I've found that respects the diversity of electronic music and its fans enough to bring the entire spectrum to listener’s ears. I've found new music and relived old tunes, and DI Premium an inseparable part of my daily life.

    Steven L. (Lake Forest, California)
  • I've been listening to DI as a Premium member for years. The diversity of the channels and sets keep getting better and better. I appreciate and love their mix of globally known DJ's and rising stars. DI’s dedication to the electronic world will one day go down as being a catalyst for the genre.

    Andre R. (Spartanburg, South Carolina)

Common Questions

  • What is a Premium subscription?
  • When you create a free account, you are allowed unlimited streaming at respectable audio quality, but with some commercial interruptions. Premium offers even higher audio quality, commercial-free, for a low monthly fee.

    Premium members are connected to preferential servers and receive access to our dedicated Premium support team. Learn more about all Premium benefits.

  • How much does Premium membership cost?
  • Plans are available for as low as:

    $7 per month

    $70 per year

    $120 per 2 years

  • Are all channels included when I upgrade to Premium?
  • Absolutely – you get access to all music channels on the AudioAddict Network, in fact.

    The AudioAddict Network includes all channels on,, Digitally Imported, and RadioTunes.

  • Which payment options do you accept?
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

  • Is the connection secure when paying for Premium?
  • All billing operations are performed over a secure connection so that your personal information remains confidential.

  • How do I listen on the website?
  • The easiest way to listen is by visiting the home page and clicking on a tune-in link next to any channel.

  • How am I billed?
  • As a subscription service, we automatically bill your credit card or Paypal account depending on your subscription term. You will receive email confirmation whenever a payment is made.

  • Which company will bill my credit card or Paypal account?
  • AudioAddict, Inc. is our billing provider, and is the name you will see on your billing statement.

  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • You can cancel at any time, for any reason, and you will not be billed again. Once cancelled, your Premium membership will remain active until its expiration.

  • Which audio formats and bitrates do you stream?
  • Our Premium service streams:

    • MP3: 320 kbits/sec
    • AAC: 128 kbits/sec
    • AAC-HE: 64 and 40 kbits/sec

    Our free service streams:

    • AAC-HE: 64 kbits/sec
  • Can I share my Premium account with friends or family?
  • Your support enables us to continue building a better service. We encourage everyone who enjoys our service to pay for their own Premium account. Your Premium account can be used in multiple places or on multiple devices, as long as only one connection is active at any given moment.

    Our system detects multiple connections by the same account and will disconnect all additional listeners.

For other answers not related to Premium Service, please visit our help page