Digitally Imported Unveils the Electronic Music Industry’s Only All-inclusive Streaming Platform

First Cohesive Electronic Music Service Leapfrogs Licensing Barriers, Giving Listeners Maximum Flexibility and Convenience

Denver, CO — May 26, 2016 - Digitally Imported, the premier online radio destination for electronic music fans around the world, today launched the next phase of its vision to fully integrate 100% human-curated streaming radio, on-demand content, and track sales on its award-winning electronic music streaming platform. With the addition of integrated track purchasing functionality, Digitally Imported becomes the electronic music market’s first online service to fully integrate all three major types of digital music consumption – streaming radio, on-demand access, and digital downloads – within a single user experience and brand.

The addition of music downloading features to the Digitally Imported online radio platform caps off the company’s vision for creating the electronic music industry’s first fully customizable online experience, creating an unparalleled flexibility and convenience for electronic music fans. Using the new features, Digitally Imported free and premium listeners can enjoy a variety of listening options while simultaneously building their digital music collections with a single click. Among Digitally Imported subscribers, 84% maintain their own music collections and around 70% regularly purchase music to add to their personal libraries. The global electronic music market is currently valued at $7.1B annually, as reported by the International Music Summit.

Building on its foundation as a successful streaming radio platform since 1999, Digitally Imported added on-demand content to its premium offering the U.S. and Dutch markets in 2015, with plans to expand to other markets worldwide as royalty agreements are solidified. With the addition of music downloading features for all users in licensed geographies, Digitally Imported is the only dedicated electronic music platform where listeners can seamlessly choose between listening to 100% human-curated radio; calling up tracks and mixes on demand; and adding select tracks to the library collections of their choice.

The option to purchase music directly through the Digitally Imported platform also gives users greater flexibility around digital music spending. Digitally Imported free listeners can continue to enjoy ad-supported streaming radio with the option to purchase individual tracks; and Digitally Imported premium subscribers can invest in building their music collections while enjoying the full range of premium subscription benefits including top sound quality; ad-free streaming radio; and on-demand streaming in licensed territories.

Before the advent of Digitally Imported’s integrated platform, electronic music fans had to visit different music services for streaming radio, interactive content and track purchasing. With the addition of music downloading functionality to its offering, Digitally Imported is unifying high-quality, authentic, online radio; an avant-garde, curated catalog of interactive content; and integrated track purchasing into a single user experience – something unavailable in the electronic music market until now. “For years, the electronic music community has been clamoring for one thing: A unified online destination that combines the highest quality content with an elegant, comprehensive user experience. By integrating all three major music consumption modes within a single platform, Digitally Imported is finally alleviating our industry’s largest and most longstanding pain points,” said Eloy Lopez, President of Digitally Imported. “Digitally Imported is helping to pioneer a new breed of music service with a value that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

With its latest advances, Digitally Imported cements its role as a leading digital music innovator and electronic music service by solving the long-standing fragmentation issues plaguing the electronic music landscape, where disjointed music licensing models have artificially divided the three major music delivery methods. In 2014, Digitally Imported conceived the music industry’s first content licensing agreements to include non-interactive, interactive and master rights, allowing for complete integration across the three key areas of online music consumption. With these contracts in place, Digitally Imported is the only service in electronic music market with the licensing rights to function as a fully cohesive digital music service. Digitally Imported is committed to offering the highest possible electronic music listening experience, built on sustainable business practices and mutually beneficial partnerships with the electronic music creative community.

The Digitally Imported Offering
The current Digitally Imported service offering includes:


• Continual play on all of Digitally Imported’s 90+ distinct, 100% human-curated music channels, in genres such as Trance, Chillout, Techno, House and Ambient

• Persistent audio with uninterrupted playback throughout the platform

• Advanced programming alerts and notifications for exclusive shows

• Access to Digitally Imported live airs of exclusive content, including the original Digitally Imported monthly “DI Journeys” show; Groove Magazine’s monthly “Groove” show; Scuba’s weekly “Hotflush On Air” Show; and Camea’s weekly “Neverwhere Radio” show

• Commercial-free listening for premium subscribers; ad-supported listening for free listeners

On-demand (currently available to premium subscribers in the U.S. and the Netherlands):

• Search tools to find artists, tracks, shows or channels

• Unlimited skipping, stopping and seeking through tracks

• Integrated activity feed with listening history and on-demand playback options

• On-demand access to previously-aired shows, tracks and exclusive content

Music Collection (currently available to all listeners in the U.S. and the Netherlands):

• Integrated track downloading and payment functionality on Digitally Imported Web and mobile platforms for all Digitally Imported listeners, both free and premium

• On-demand playback and streaming radio integrated with purchasing options as licensing permits

• Unlimited access to licensed music downloads offered at $1.29 per track

• 320k MP3 download sound quality

• Indefinite access to a permanent online library of music purchases

Digitally Imported is a recognized leader in online radio and electronic music. Unlike other online music services, Digitally Imported enlists electronic music enthusiasts to curate 100% of its vast content catalog – ensuring authenticity, originality and depth for millions of monthly listeners.