Rumblefish Streamlines Rights Management for Digitally Imported

Agreement with the Online Radio Service Kicks off Rumblefish Merger with HFA’s Digital Service

New York, NY — December 16, 2015

Rumblefish, the nation’s leading provider of rights management solutions for the music industry, has entered into an agreement with Digitally Imported, the premier online radio destination for electronic music fans around the world. Rumblefish, recently merged with The Harry Fox Agency’s (HFA) Slingshot rights management service, will streamline Digitally Imported licensing and royalty processes, in support of its music streaming business model.

Digitally Imported integrates streaming radio, on-demand features, and e-commerce on a single platform for a one-stop listening experience for electronic music fans. Founded in 1999 as one of the first online radio networks, Digitally Imported has grown to offer nearly 90 distinct channels covering a full range of electronic music sub-genres such as Trance, Chillout, Techno, House, and Ambient. Digitally Imported enlists electronic music enthusiasts to curate 100% of its vast content catalog – ensuring authenticity, originality and depth for millions of monthly listeners. In addition, Digitally Imported streams original, exclusive and first-to-air mixed shows.

“Rumblefish and its increasingly robust services remove the obstacles and hassles, so that platforms like Digitally Imported can do what they do best: Get artfully chosen music to listeners who love it,” said Michael Simon, President and CEO of Rumblefish.

“Digitally Imported is continuing to uphold its commitment to the electronic music community by taking all steps to ensure content creators are paid. Rumblefish is a critical component to that ongoing strategy,” said Ari Shohat, CEO of Digitally Imported.

Tapping Rumblefish allows Digitally Imported to focus on creating an unparalleled listening experience by eliminating the need to manage thousands of licensing relationships, manage copyright administration staff, and program complex royalty formulas. Digitally Imported will rely on Rumblefish for its U.S. interactive streaming licensing needs, including the royalty calculations, statements, and distributions.

The newly expanded Rumblefish will now offer everything from its innovative, patent-pending RADKey® technology to tech-savvy rights management simplifying the administration of intellectual property rights. Top executives from both Rumblefish and HFA have worked together to integrate these services into a cohesive and powerful suite of tools, to benefit both music creators and users. Both companies were recently acquired by SESAC, in a move to become the world’s first comprehensive Music Rights Organization.


SESAC is the only Music Rights Organization in the United States, serving both music users and creators with music licensing services that utilize sophisticated information technology and data science in order to provide timely, efficient royalty collection and distribution. SESAC is unique in its ability to offer singular licenses for the works of its affiliated writers and publishers that aggregate both performance and mechanical rights in order to drive greater efficiency in licensing for music users, as well as enhanced value for music creators and publishers.

SESAC’s Performing Rights subsidiary is the second oldest and most progressive PRO in the U.S., the only PRO to pay monthly radio royalties and was the first PRO to pay songwriters and publishers for live performances in venues of any size. Its affiliate roster continues to grow, with recent signings such as Green Day, Mariah Carey, Zac Brown, Kesha, Charli XCX, and Nikki Sixx joining established affiliates such as Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Lady Antebellum, and the Kurt Cobain estate.

Following the acquisition of the Harry Fox Agency, the leading U.S. Mechanical Rights Organization, SESAC’s Rumblefish subsidiary, a leader in music micro-licensing, was merged with HFA’s Slingshot business unit under the Rumblefish brand. This powerful combination drives value for creators and users of music by delivering a comprehensive digital rights management platform designed to simplify the administration of musical compositions and master recordings, monetize network platforms such as YouTube and provide license verification services utilizing its RADKey® technology.

SESAC has offices in New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Portland, San Francisco, and London.


Digitally Imported, the premier online radio destination for electronic music fans around the world, is the only electronic music platform to integrate streaming radio, on-demand features and e-commerce on a single platform. With nearly 90 distinct channels of 100% human-curated electronic music, Digitally Imported ensures a superior listening experience with authenticity, originality and depth. Digitally Imported has received numerous industry awards, including winning first place in the International Dance Music Awards for Best Online Radio, Best Global Radio and Best Music App. Founded in 1999, Digitally Imported brings a complete electronic music experience to millions of fans via the Web, mobile applications and third-party streaming partners. For more information, please visit


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