DI.FM is the #1 online radio network for Electronic Music fans around the globe.

One of the first online radio networks to go live in 1999, DI.FM has grown into a destination and lifestyle for over 3 million unique listeners who tune in every month. DI.FM offers something unique for every electronic music fan, no matter what style of music you love.

The Music

Our streaming network is made up of an online listening experience, mobile applications, third party vendor and device support, and an engaged & loyal social media following. DI.FM is entrenched in electronic music... it's not just music; it's a lifestyle.

The DI Story

DI.FM is a multi-channel internet radio service that focuses exclusively on Electronic Music. Today our team of curators sifts through petabytes of new releases and back catalogs to find only the best from each genre or style, but it wasn't always like that.


Ari Shohat started Digitally Imported (now DI.FM) while studying for a BA in Computer Science. A single Trance radio stream was broadcast from a computer in his Binghamton University dorm room. Despite humble beginnings, it was one of the first ever internet radio services.


Running on donated bandwidth and a passion for the music, Ari and company pushed DI.FM into new musical styles and new business territory. A handful of unique channels and a growing customer base in the thousands.


DI.FM is awarded Best Global Radio Station at the International Dance Music Awards at Miami's annual Winter Music Conference. What an honor to be recognized for the work we love to do.


Many millions of registered listeners, dozens of channels covering every corner of Electronic Music, and it's all still running out of Ari's dorm room. jk.

Executive Team at DI.FM

  • Ari

    Ari Shohat

    Founder and C.E.O.

    Ari spent his college days obsessing over how to get other people to hear the music he likes. After refusing to air sounds of whales mixed in with crappy music during his college radio station apprenticeship, he quit and started DI.FM to stream Trance and Eurodance to the world instead. These days he can be caught at his desk in the Denver HQ occasionally fantasizing over having his own island in the Mediterranean sea.

  • Eloy

    Eloy Lopez

    President and C.O.O.

    Like the Wizard in OZ, Eloy is most happy when pulling levers and flicking switches to create the magic of success. With the creation of Beatport.com under his belt, Eloy is determined with DI.FM to replicate his earlier successes by pulling together smart minds and big ideas. Eloy strives to empower the people around him and strongly believes that if everyone in the room agrees, then we’re not working hard enough.


  • Idene

    Idene Roozbayani

    Freelance photographer

    Some of the great photos displayed across the DI.FM website and in our promotional materials are taken by Idene. www.idene.co.uk

  • Anna

    Anna Laviola Milo

    Freelance photographer

    Some of the photographs used in our digital advertising were taken by Anna who is a life-long Drum N' Bass fan. annalaviolamilo.com