Digitally Imported Launches On-demand Content, Advancing its Vision of the Industry’s First Fully Integrated Electronic Music Platform

Digitally Imported Strengthens Premium Service Offering with On-demand Music, Signs Five New Comprehensive Licensing Deals

Denver, CO - June 16, 2015 - Digitally Imported, the premier online radio destination for electronic music fans around the world, today announced the availability of on-demand content on its award-winning digital music platform. The introduction of on-demand music on Digitally Imported kicks off the second phase of the company’s vision of becoming the first electronic music platform to fully integrate streaming radio, on-demand access, and retail sales under a single user experience and brand. On-demand content is now available as part of the Digitally Imported premium subscription offering, creating an unparalleled listening experience for electronic music fans. On-demand features will launch first in the U.S. and expand worldwide as agreements in other geographies are finalized. In addition, Digitally Imported has signed comprehensive licensing agreements with independent content distributors Baroque Records Ltd., finetunes, Kontor, N.E.W.S., and Toolroom, further expanding the Digitally Imported global content network.

Digitally Imported is rolling out on-demand service by publishing its full 2015 catalog of thousands of mixed shows. Availability of on-demand content will expand rapidly as Digitally Imported curates additional content from its archives during the coming weeks, publishing thousands more shows and approximately 400,000 individual tracks. Using the new on-demand functionality, premium subscribers will be able to search Digitally Imported content by track, show, artist or channel, and enjoy numerous new features including unlimited seeking, skipping and stopping during playback. On-demand content will be available across Digitally Imported’s nearly 80 distinct music channels in genres such as Trance, Chillout, Techno, House and Ambient.

Access to on-demand content is being offered as an exclusive benefit to Digitally Imported premium users, along with higher audio quality, ad-free listening and other benefits. By strengthening its premium service offering, Digitally Imported builds on its existing foundation of premium subscriber loyalty; 90% of monthly subscribers renew their premium subscriptions, and 95% tune in at least once a week. As Digitally Imported increases the value of premium user experience, the service seeks to grow its premium subscriber base, contributing to increased profits for the company and royalties for its content providers. Digitally Imported is committed to offering the highest possible electronic music listening experience, built on sustainable business practices and mutually beneficial partnerships with the electronic music creative community.

The addition of on-demand content to the Digitally Imported offering represents a major step forward in advancing the company’s vision of creating the first electronic music experience to fully combine all three major types of digital music consumption – streaming radio, on-demand access, and track downloads – within an integrated experience and brand. Before the availability of on-demand content on Digitally Imported, electronic music fans had to visit different music platforms for streaming radio, interactive content and to download tracks. By adding on-demand functionality to its highly successful online radio platform, Digitally Imported is unifying high-quality, authentic, human-curated online radio with interactive listening capabilities on a single platform – something unavailable in the electronic music market until now. The final pillar of the Digitally Imported vision, integrated track purchasing, is in development, with rollout planned later this year.

“With the addition of on-demand content to our offering, Digitally Imported is leading the electronic music industry in tackling its single greatest challenge: Creating a complete online listening experience under one roof,” said Ari Shohat, CEO of Digitally Imported. “By reinventing the content licensing model, we are able to fully integrate our platform from the ground up, while enhancing the exceptional user experience that defines the Digitally Imported brand.”

The introduction of on-demand service by Digitally Imported solves a critical component of the long-standing fragmentation issues plaguing the electronic music landscape, where disjointed music licensing models have artificially divided the three major music delivery methods. In 2014, Digitally Imported pioneered the music industry’s first content licensing agreements to include non-interactive, interactive and master rights, allowing for complete integration across the three key areas of online music consumption. With these contracts in place, Digitally Imported is the only electronic music platform with the ability to provide a complete user experience across all three consumption modes. Recently added content partners espousing this groundbreaking model join existing partners Believe Digital; dig dis!; digedo (a subsidiary of daredo); FUGA; Groove Attack and Rough Trade Distribution (represented by GoodToGo); Label Worx; Paradise Distribution; and Symphonic Distribution. Additional content partners continue to join the Digitally Imported network in support of comprehensive licensing agreements.

"Digitally Imported is providing a powerful new opportunity for electronic music fans to engage in a flexible and organic way with the music they love. By delivering expert music curation and offering that expertise across a range of listening models, Digitally Imported promises to provide a sophisticated and immersive listening experience for electronic music fans," said David Balfour, head of content distribution at finetunes.

The Digitally Imported Offering: Building on its success in 100% human-curated streaming radio, premium users can now enjoy Digitally Imported’s online radio service integrated with on-demand functionality. The free listening tier offers full online radio benefits with commercials, as well as e-commerce functionality, and does not provide on-demand functionality. The Digitally Imported service offering includes:


  • Persistent audio with uninterrupted playback throughout the platform
  • Advanced programming alerts and notifications for exclusive shows
  • Access to Digitally Imported live airs of exclusive content, including the DI Journeys and Groove monthly radio shows
  • Commercial-free listening for premium subscribers; ad-supported listening for free listeners

On-demand (available to premium subscribers only):

  • Search tools to find artists, tracks, shows or channels
  • Unlimited skipping, stopping and seeking through tracks
  • Integrated activity feed with listening history and on-demand playback options
  • On-demand access to previously-aired shows, tracks and exclusive content
  • Customized playlists with social sharing options

Additional features planned in 2015:

  • Full e-commerce functionality allowing users to download favorite tracks directly from Digitally Imported, using a credit card or DI premium subscription as payment options
  • Complete view of individual tracks included in DJ mixes, integrated with on-demand playback and purchasing options
  • Customized channels and personalized music recommendations

Digitally Imported is a recognized leader in online radio and electronic music. Unlike other online music services, Digitally Imported enlists electronic music enthusiasts to curate 100% of its vast content catalog – ensuring authenticity, originality and depth for millions of monthly listeners. In addition, Digitally Imported streams more original, exclusive and first-to-air mixed shows than any other online music platform.

ABOUT DIGITALLY IMPORTED: Digitally Imported, the premier online radio destination for electronic music fans around the world, is the only electronic music platform to integrate streaming radio, on-demand features and e-commerce on a single platform. With nearly 80 distinct channels of 100% human-curated electronic music, Digitally Imported ensures a superior listening experience with authenticity, originality and depth. Digitally Imported has received numerous industry awards, including winning first place in the International Dance Music Awards for Best Online Radio, Best Global Radio and Best Music App. Founded in 1999, Digitally Imported brings a complete electronic music experience to millions of fans via the Web, mobile applications and third-party streaming partners. For more information, please visit