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Opportunities @ DI

  • Senior Native Mobile Developer (Full Time, Telecommute)

  • Location

    Telecommute; or from our Denver, Colorado office.


    Digitally Imported is seeking a talented Senior Native Mobile Developer to join our distributed Product Development group. This is a full-time remote (telecommute) development position with a close-knit distributed team.

    We currently support native apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, with other devices of all sizes and shapes still to come. Ideally you're already proficient with several mobile platforms, but if you’re rock solid in one and willing to learn others, we'd love to talk with you.


    • Plan, execute and demonstrate your work on one of several mobile applications within the AudioAddict portfolio (,,, on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, with more to come).
    • Be accountable and manage your own time; we don't watch the clock, we just want kick-ass work.
    • Participate actively in the entire dev process, from ideation to testing and release; we're a small group and we need people who can contribute in a variety of ways.
    • Demonstrate your work regularly to the rest of the team and the rest of the company.

    Required Qualifications

    • BS/BA in related field or equivalent experience
    • 3-5 years experience with native iOS and/or Android development
    • Proficiency in object-oriented programming in Objective-C (iOS) or Java (Android)
    • Familiarity with iOS and/or Android best practices

    Desirable Skills

    • C#, Ruby/Rails
    • Audio decoding / processing
    • Familiarity with Xamarin (or similar cross-platform development tools)
    • Windows Phone or BlackBerry development
    • Profiling and optimization techniques
    • git/github
    • #!/bin/bash
    • Agile development processes


    Salary is determined based on your qualifications and your location -- we pay market rates for your area. If you are one of our ideal candidates, let's talk about how to make this the perfect job for you.

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  • Linux Systems Administrator (Full Time, Telecommute From NYC Area)

  • Location

    Telecommute (work from home) from the greater NY/NJ area; our datacenter is in Secaucus, NJ and you will be required to be on-site for emergencies and scheduled maintenance.


    Digitally Imported is seeking a Linux Systems Administrator for a full-time position in the Technology group. This is a permanent position with a thriving music company... Also, you get to work from home (for the most part).

    We’re looking for a self-motivated Linux guru to secure and maintain our existing infrastructure as well as design and architect for future scale and growth. The ideal candidate will be able to manage their own time (read: working from home isn’t for everyone).


    • System Administration of a mix of Linux and Windows servers (physical and VM). We have over 50 servers running both Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS and Microsoft Windows Servers (2003/2012).
    • On-call as needed, 24x7 support
    • Proactive monitoring of system health
    • Work directly with Engineering Team for supporting/maintaining/designing backend infrastructure for product support
    • Performance tuning, troubleshooting and resolution of server/network issues
    • Disaster recovery design, implementation, and maintenance
    • Build & deploy servers at our datacenter (hands on work)
    • Exploring new technologies and software to improve efficiency and maximize performance
    • Be accountable and manage your own time; we don’t watch the clock, we just want kick-ass work
    • Demonstrate your work regularly to the rest of the team and the rest of the company

    Required Qualifications

    • Expert knowledge of Linux systems administration
    • Advanced knowledge of Windows system administration
    • Pro scripting skills (bash, sed, awk, go, py, ruby)
    • Security and infrastructure best practices
    • Strong understanding of the HTTP protocol
    • Basic networking knowledge: switching, ip routing, vlan
    • A passion for music (some kind, any kind)

    Desirable (but not required) Skills

    • Cisco/IOS administration
    • MySQL tuning and administration (Percona XtraDB, HA Clustering)
    • Reverse Proxy/Load Balancing (Varnish)
    • Linux-HA/Heartbeat
    • Microsoft Exchange/AD/DNS administration
    • Experience with Rails/Passenger


    Salary is determined based on your qualifications; if you are one of our ideal candidates let’s talk about how to make this the perfect job for you.

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  • Channel Curators (Volunteer, Telecommute)

  • Digitally Imported's music is managed by a dedicated team of talented channel curators who give their time to keep electronic music alive and genres growing.

    Ideal Candidate

    Channel Curator is a privileged title that will afford you great influence over a genre. We choose our Curators carefully to ensure that we remain known for the high broadcast standards we have today.

    You might be a great Channel Curator if:

    • You love Digitally Imported.
    • You are an obsessive curator of music.
    • You own at least 30-40 hours of high quality content (MP3, 320kbps recommended)
    • You know your favorite genres well enough that your ears, not pop culture, can tell you what is good.
    • You understand the fundamentals of digital media, encoding formats and audio enhancement techniques.
    • You are more interested in the success of musicians than achieving fame by playing their music.
    • You can communicate clearly in written English.
    • You are willing to volunteer hours behind the scenes doing largely unglamorous work, and willing to commit for a long period of time.

    If you are one of our ideal candidates, we would love to hear from you!

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About Digitally Imported

The Company

Digitally Imported is the #1 online radio network for Electronic Music fans around the globe. We work hard to deliver only the best music to our listeners around the world around the clock; it's an obsession that has led us to curate over 80 channels covering every style electronic music, and we continue to add more. Everyone at DI is entrenched in the electronic music culture. It's not just music, it's a lifestyle.

The People

We are a dedicated group made up of talented and passionate people from around the world, literally. We pride ourselves on finding the best talent to help us succeed by creating the best products possible, and we do so with no boundaries. Our ideal candidates are dedicated, skilled and entrepreneurial; we love people who are driven, creative and know how to be accountable.

The Work Environment

We're headquartered in Denver, Colorado in the beautiful Taxi district, but we're truly a global company that works with individuals around the world.

Corporate Headquarters: 3457 Ringsby Ct., Suite 212 Denver, CO 80216