About Digitally Imported

The Company

Digitally Imported is the #1 online radio network for Electronic Music fans around the globe. We work hard to deliver only the best music to our listeners around the world around the clock; it's an obsession that has led us to curate over 75 channels covering every style electronic music, and we continue to add more. Everyone at DI is entrenched in the electronic music culture. It's not just music, it's a lifestyle.

The People

We are a dedicated group made up of talented and passionate people from around the world, literally. We pride ourselves on finding the best talent to help us succeed by creating the best products possible, and we do so with no boundaries. Our ideal candidates are dedicated, skilled and entrepreneurial; we love people who are driven, creative and know how to be accountable.

The Work Environment

We're headquartered in Denver, Colorado in the beautiful Taxi district, but we're truly a global company that works with individuals around the world.

Corporate Headquarters: 3457 Ringsby Ct., Suite 212 Denver, CO 80216


Digitally Imported is seeking channel volunteers.

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Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

July, 2014


Denver, CO (preferred) or Telecommute (work from home)


Digitally Imported seeks an experienced Digital Marketing Manager to oversee the company’s online marketing strategy including performance-based advertising, CRM/email marketing, and conversion optimization. This role will define online marketing goals and provide regular reporting and analysis on campaign results. The Digital Marketing Manager understands product marketing objectives and deploys digital marketing strategies and tactics to drive growth for all company brands.

Our ideal candidate must have advanced knowledge of Google Analytics, Google AdWords, email platforms, digital marketing concepts, and digital platform architectures. Strong skills in the areas of project management, numerical and analytical reporting, written and verbal communication skills, and creative copywriting are required. The Digital Marketing Manager must also be self-motivated, goal-oriented, creative, and willing to proactively experiment with various techniques to achieve results.

Responsibilities and Accountability

  • Performance-Based Marketing: Manage performance-based marketing campaigns such as paid search, digital display advertising, cpc and cpm campaigns, and other digital marketing efforts. Develop overall media buying strategy and identify opportunities for expansion of performance-based initiatives. Allocate media spending across channels to maximize ROI while staying within budget constraints.

  • CRM/Email Marketing: Craft and administer email communications including newsletters, special announcements, and other campaigns. Develop email-related strategies that deepen customer relationships and drive sales/conversions. Perform regular A/B testing on communications while continually refining messages to achieve desired results. Ensure quality control on all copy, including managing approvals, sourcing assets and media, fact checking and editing/proofreading all communications.

  • Conversion Optimization: Work with the Product Development team to drive A/B testing projects in web and mobile environments with the goal of optimizing conversions and achieving company growth. Inform and define our SEO strategy as it relates to digital marketing initiatives. Implement keyword rank monitoring, proactive keyword research, competitor gap analysis, and link building campaigns quarterly.

  • Reporting and Analytics: Establish measurable quarterly goals for digital marketing initiatives that align with organizational objectives. Compile weekly digital marketing metrics that review testing results and KPI’s against budget and expected results. Perform various analyses to support sales, marketing, finance, and business development initiatives as needed. Assess and report on external trends in digital marketing.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or related field
  • 5+ years of relevant professional experience
  • Strong team player and leader, with the confidence to take the lead and guide projects when necessary


Salary is determined based on your experience and location.

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